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Maharani serves all of your favourite Indian. Browse our delicious menu of Indian dishes and have it delivered straight to your door. Browse our delicious menu of Indian dishes and have it delivered straight to your door.

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117 Clapham High Street
Clapham, SW47TB

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Customer Reviews of Maharani

163 reviews


  • very good food, juts opening hours for delivery is a bit pain to wait I wish you guys could open all day for delivery.


  • The madras tasted awful ... It tasted like a tomato soup!! Plus arrived luke warm and very late!


  • The food was fine and 10 minutes late but I am not bothered about that. The delivery man was rude. He knocked on the door and gave me my order in the bag whilst complaining about how he couldn't find my address. He said he had to drive all around to find the house. He looked really annoyed. He walked away still complaining. No greeting or anything. He was not professional at all.


  • I enjoyed the food delivered by the resaurant however the man that delivered my food told that they couldn't deliver to me again in the future owing to it being too far away from the premises. I informed him that if this was an issue then the company should inform Hungry House so that they could change their delivery distance on the website as it stands it is 3 miles. When I looked at goole maps I am 3.2 miles away… I don't think 0.2 of a mile was worth loosing my custom over. Although the food was alright I wouldn't go there again out of principle.


  • The king prawn Korma was tasteless..


  • food took 1hr 20 minutes and even then turned up cold!!! such a shame as food is always good but service is appalling. hungry house no use at all either.


  • The entire meal was stone cold and 15 mins later than the delivery time states


  • If we fancy Indian we always choose this restaurant, The food tastes amazing and comes on time every time.


  • Not very fresh - could tell many items were frozen. Subdued spice, although nothing tasted bad. Just a tad bland. Good for non spice lovers.


  • Excellent service


  • CTM was a bit watery


  • After eating take away I had a bad stomach and ended up spending half a night in the toilet . I am not sure why but it was terribly unpleasant and could not sleep .


  • Ordered thee Goan chicken masala - which I've had an really enjoyed in the restaurant. Not convinced that's what was delivered as the sauce / spicing were quite different. Disappointing.


  • Not the cheapest curry you can get, but it's absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny! We don't order take out often, but Maharani is always our choice when we want to eat a nice and tasty curry!!